Bitcoin Services & Support for Individuals and Businesses

Making Bitcoin accessible to more people through education, products, services and support for consumers, businesses, and small scale Bitcoin miners.
We’re here to help you with buying and self custody your Bitcoin, Accepting Bitcoin online and in retail stores, ASIC miner and electrical parts procurement, small scale Bitcoin mining setup and support.

Our Services

Bitcoin Education

Educational Bitcoin focused content and guides to help you understand, buy and use Bitcoin & the Lightning Network.

Increasing adoption of Bitcoin globally with educational content and how to guides through the On Bitcoin Newsletter.

Bitcoin for Business

Let us help you integrate Bitcoin into your business. Start accepting Bitcoin in store or online and join the Bitcoin community.

Retail Point of Sale & Ecommerce software, POS Hardware, Lightning Network and open source business solutions.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining is the process that secures this decentralized open source protocol that is dramatically reshaping the world.

Bitcoin ASIC and electrical parts procurement coupled with bitcoin mining farm setup and management services and support.

Bitcoin is the revolutionary money protocol that has solved the problem of transferring value across time and space better than anything to come before. Bitcoin has no owner or authority that can decide it’s fate. It’s owned by the people and is for the people.


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