About Us

Our team of owners and advisors are passionate entrepreneurs and technologists with combined 60+ years experience in banking, payments, finance, digital transformation, electrical engineering, enterprise application development, cyber security, anti-money laundering compliance, manufacturing, supply chain and datacenter design and management.

We believe Bitcoin is a revolutionary technology that solves the age old problem of transferring value across time and space better than anything to come before and Bitcoin Mining is dramatically reshaping the energy Sector by providing a scalable way to subsideize energy infrastructure benefiting everyone.

We are a Canadian company and we're here to increase Canada's presence in the Bitcoin industry by truly distributing the network and increasing hash power for all of the world.
Our Mission

Our mission is to increase adoption of Bitcoin use and mining and contribute to securing and decentralizing the network using renewable energy sources & advanced mining technologies.

Our Role

Our role is providing end to end turn-key fully managed modular micro mining solutions so that industrial, commercial and private businesses can mine digital assets on their properties.

Our Values



A commitment to promote the use of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies with a focus on innovation, excellence and continuous improvement.


A commitment to ethics, mutual respect, honesty, transparency & regulatory & legal compliance in the way in which we conduct business and transactions is core to our DNA.


A commitment to environmental sustainability by using renewable, stranded and efficient energy sources.


A commitment to building a strong sense of community with our team, customers, partners and the communities we work in.

What We Believe


We are a Bitcoin-first company that support the values and ideas of Bitcoin as a digital store of value and sovereign base money for permission-less peer to peer transactions.

Decentralize the Network

We believe the Bitcoin network is stronger when more people and businesses run nodes and mine Proof of Work.

Energy Grid Sustainability

We believe that Bitcoin Proof of Work mining can help the energy sector by subsidizing the build out and maintenance of energy production and grid infrastructure, benefiting everyone.

Everyone can mine

We believe that everyone can participate in Bitcoin and digital asset mining both at home and at business.

Lightning  Network

We believe that Bitcoin is programmable money, and the Lightning Network will help scale it to billions of people across the world.